How might we use design thinking method to enhance the flying experience of aviophobia by considering user’s needs and emerging technology?

Trawell is a mobile application dedicates to mitigate the stress and anxiety of people who fear of flight. The application has three highlighting features including a rating system for pilots, turbulence forecast, and tracking of the entire trip.


  • Ethnographic research

  • UI & UX design

  • Feedback synthesizing

  • Graphic Design​

  • Interview

  • User research


  • Sketch

  • Adobe Photoshop



The statistic shows that there is a drastic incline on flights, but the increasingly dramatic report of plane accidents are upsetting the public. With more and more people developed a sense of fear of flying, there is no product or service to help with. 


The crash reports generate a bad feeling that the number of plane crashes seems to be increasing. Statistics, however, can serve to refute this fear: analysts from the Aviation Safety Network (ASN) concluded that 2015 was the “safest year ever” for commercial air travel. On average, that year saw only one fatal accident per about five million flights. Twenty years ago, there was still one crash per 700,000 take-offs. Therefore, how might we help people who fears of flying?


To better understand the opportunity I plan to research based on the causes, current solutions, the system that aren’t effective, and technology. Moreover, I plan to interview 4 to 10 persons for the reasons of fear, the stage that the fear is most severe, current solutions, and when they use them.

How might we use design thinking method to enhance the flying experience of aviophobia by considering user’s needs and emerging technology? 

Knowing Context: 

  • What causes Aviophobia?

  • What are currently available solutions?

  • Why the system does not work?

  • How does technology help?

Knowing People:

  • What causes Aviophobia?

  • Which stage of flying is the phobia most severe?

  • What solutions have the sufferers imployed?

Secondary Research

  • Competitor analysis

  • System mapping

  • Technology analyzing

Primary Reseach

  • Interview 

  • Survey

  • observation

  • Self-Experience



The secondary research is conducted by finding the relative solutions and products currents available. Through analysis there draws several aspect that they all don’t include. 


I interviewed ten individuals including one student, six office workers, and three retired seniors. All 10 of the individuals suffers different degrees of aviophobia, and the interview questions are based on the listed ones in the previous section. 

“I started to fear of flying after the time that I went through terrifying turbulence. It trucked us out of notice, and I thought I was going to die.”

 “It is up sighting to think that my life and safety is in the hand of some stranger.”


The data are collected from interviews with 10 aviophobia sufferers including one student, six office workers, and three retired seniors. Other than the research questions, they were asked to descript the entire process of their trips by air. The process starts with planning and ends upon arrival. 


From the first and secondary researches, there are several potential improvements to be concluded. I set my project on improving the weakness of current products available to better suit the needs of the interviewed personas. 


Several aspects should be fulfilled by the Trawell mobile application:

  • Provide ranking and review of the pilot

  • Filter based on a rating of the service

  • On time turbulence report

  • Feedback and favor pilots


For people with aviophobia, Trawell mobile application provides pilot review and rating, turbulence report and inform, as well as the one-step booking service.  The app not only will recommend the top-rated pilots during the trip planning process but also will help the passengers be better prepared for the upcoming turbulence when traveling. Unlike the conventional booking websites and applications, Trawell encourages users to leave feedbacks and rebook the pilots they are most comfortable to fly with. 


I draft out the elements that I will include according to the traveling process. 



Welcome note

User sign up & log in

Flight Status


Pilot Ranking

Travel Review

My profile

My trip

Preference & settings


Holistic ranking of all verified pilots

Comments from previous passengers

Pilot’s serving period

Pilot’s rating


Pilot’s name



Details of the flight

Past reviews




Flight route

Turbulence alert

Report turbulence

Out of cabin temperature


Estimated time

屏幕快照 2018-10-15 下午5.48.42.png
屏幕快照 2018-10-15 下午5.49.png
屏幕快照 2018-10-15 下午5.49.50.png


Local temperature & weather

City info

Search flight

Airline ranking

Best pilot of the airport


屏幕快照 2018-10-15 下午5.48.32.png


Cities and date

Local weather report

Recommend by pilot’s rating




屏幕快照 2018-10-15 下午5.48.51.png

Track of the entire trip

Flight ticket

Flight status

In-flight entertainment

Booking number of hotel

Booking number of transportation

Location to drop-off and pick-up

屏幕快照 2018-10-15 下午5.49.30.png

This is an ethnographic research-oriented project that aims for a particular group of people who are anxious about taking flights. The background research involves questionnaire, interview, and observation of a various group of individuals such as pilot, flight attendant, and passengers. I collected quantitative and qualitative of data and gathered insights into the causes of the symptom, while considered all stakeholders requests. This is one of my most satisfied projects for the process of problem reframing and solving from a holistic point of view that revolves around human needs that  I have learned by working on it. As a designer, I should unveil what the users really need, even which is unwitting for the users themselves, from the apparently stated requests and observed facts. 

Trawell Mockup copy.jpg