While most designers attempt to solve the exigent issues with products and services, we ponder on the product’s will. The core approach of the Sun Painting is to visualize the sun’s intellect, enhance human experience, and learning efficiency through design and technology. This attempt to visualizing the sun’s thoughts may seem to fusion with the design thinking of our own, but we minimize our interaction by designing a sun-centered system out of a series of data collection and analyzing. Therefore, the system should work as an interpreter of the sun. The project is ongoing, and our group will future elaborate and enhance this sun-centered system.



From left to right: Anan Chen, Gaoxiang Zhang, Jialu Li, Wanqiu Wang


  • Visual Design

  • Hand Drawing

  • Coding

  • Mechanic Engineering

  • Documentation

  • Video Editing

  • Graphic Design


  • Arduino

  • Paper cardboard

  • Wooden stretcher bars

  • Plywood board

  • Magnifying glass

  • Motors

  • Acrylic, watercolor, and color pencil

  • Lego robot kits


The first step of our creative process is to brain storm devices that can trasmit the messages from the sun.

second phase.jpg

After deciding on two main focus the group starts to elaborate the system and the design of the two devices. 

final sketch.jpg

The final sketches a drawn after rounds of testing.


Moving forward to making, our group splits into half, and each pair carries out the research. Thin wooden sticks were in use for their flexibility. We also collected data of the sun and its variables according to time. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 10.56.33

For the second round of making, our team uses more durable materials. Moreover,  as the pairs set up our Arduino, we move onto the testing of the devices.

Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 11.01.36

After two rounds of testing and refinement, our group gave the project a rap.  

Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 11.04.46

The Sun Painting No.1 

In making


The Sun Painting No.1

Watercolor on paper

30 x 40 in


The Sun Painting No.2

Watercolor on paper

30 x 40 in



Model No.1 

Color pencil on paper

30 x 40 in



The Sun Painting No.3

Color pencil on paper

30 x 40 in


Model No.2 

Color pencil and watercolor on Plywood board

40 x 40 in



The Sun Painting No.4

Watercolor on wooden board

30 x 30 in


Detail of the burning process


This project is a further approach to the Magnet pen project which is inspired by the Process Art and Conceptual Art movement. After conducting a series of research of the concept behind various Process Artists, our group set the topic as how might we bring people more fun by considering the emerging technology?  Concluded from the primary and secondary research, two key factors spike people’s interest and bring them a sense of fun. One is the contingency. In Sol LeWitt’s Paragraphs on Conceptual Art, he asserted that Conceptual Art was neither mathematical nor intellectual but intuitive, given that the complexity inherent to transforming an idea into a work of art was fraught with contingencies. The other is near to none involvement, in another way, have the users to put in a little effort a possible into the production. Nature has always inspired artists who produce following nature’s instructions. In reverse, we have a mediator with a set system of moving pattern and take care of the taxing production. Consequentially, each result is unreplicable, and the users have a minimum amount of involvement in the production process. The decreased amount of engagement and increased verification of the results of this project is improved upon the Magnet pen.


For future development, our group will dig into the design that allows the mass production of the device. It may not necessarily be a sun chaser, but it should embody a similar concept which is to create the coincidental result with qualified user interaction.