Construction Junction Material Reuse Site

Data Visualization | UI/UX Design 

The responsive website we built for Construction Junction that enables the reusable materials can go directly into the flow without being processed by any third party companies. 



UI/UX | Service Design | Design Research

JumpStart is a digital service that curates and recommends financial resources to young professionals in the workforce to help them become financially literate. 

JS V3 mockup.jpg
White Clay.jpg

Sheetz Service Innovation


Service Design | UI/UX Design | HCI

We propose a new mobile fast ordering service bundling Sheetz app with Siri and bring a frank new way of mobile ordering. 

Atlantis Hub


Data-Driven Display | UI/UX Design 

The project is to design a transportation display for the Atlantis Hub at the San Juan Islands. The display contains up to date multi transportation schedule and exchange information while promoting the "PTF pass" for the Hub. 


Artist Collaboration & the Artistic Process


User-centered Research and Evaluation

The goal of our project was to learn more about the artists creating the work we see, including their creative processes and possible collaborations with others. After conducting various methods of user research with multiple artists, including think alouds and contextual inquiry interviews, we discovered one main problem for artists: receiving critiques from qualified individuals, especially other artists.